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Oklahoma City Affordable Dentist

An affordable dentist in Oklahoma City  

If you're concerned about your budget, we understand, and there are several ways that we at Dr. Swearingen's office try to be affordable. We don't want money to stand in the way of getting you the care that you need.

Quality Affordable Dental Care

One way to help dental work be affordable is to make sure that it will last. If your fillings need to be replaced after a couple of years, that really doesn't save you anything in the long run. Dr. Swearingen is a very quality-conscious dentist who tries to save you money by placing dental work that will last for many years.

Affordable Fees

While Dr. Swearingen's fees aren't the cheapest in the area, they are reasonable. He takes a little extra time to make sure things are done right, but doesn't feel that it needs to be expensive.

Affordable Payment Plans

One option that is popular with patients is our payment plans. That way you can get the care you want now and pay for it later on easy repayment terms of 6 to 12 months, sometimes longer, and sometimes with zero insterest. Ask us about these plans. We work with companies like Care Credit who underwrite these plans and we pay the interest for you.

Phased Treatment as a way to make your care affordable

Are you familiar with the concept of phased treatment? Say your mouth is in really bad shape, and you need several root canal treatments, crowns, and a bridge. Maybe that's more than your budget allows. If that's a problem for you financially, please tell us. Dr. Swearingen will help you prioritize the work, so that you can do what is urgent now and space out the rest of the work to fit into your budget.

Those root canal teeth will likely need crowns to keep them from breaking. But often they can be protected with a cheaper post and core restoration that will hold up for a year or two and you can get to the crowns later. There are ways to work this out and fit into your buget, if you're just honest with us about your financial situation.

A Less Expensive Way to fix the Same Problem

Another way to make your dentistry affordable could be with alternate treatment plans. You will find that Dr. Swearingen is very easygoing and not dogmatic about what you need. Let's say you are missing several teeth. While dental implants might be ideal, a removable partial denture would be much more affordable. When alternate treatment plans would work, he will always be sure to explain to you the costs and benefits of each option and let you make the decision.

And one thing that is nice about working with Dr. Swearingen, is that he really hates trying to pressure his patients into treatment that they don't feel they can afford. If you just say something, he'll turn around and be your advocate and work you through the system to restore your dental health in a way that fits your budget.



If you are looking for an affordable dentist in Oklahoma City, please call, or, you may visit our request an appointment form.