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Advantages of Mercury Free Fillings

  • Much less tooth structure has to be removed to place the filling.
  • Composite fillings bond directly to the tooth, which strengthens it. Amalgam fillings actually weaken the tooth.
  • There is much less tooth sensitivity. The composite fillings do not conduct hot and cold they way the metal in amalgam does.
  • There is less post operative sensitivity.
  • Composite fillings blend in with your natural tooth color, so you don't have to worry about unattractive silver spots on your teeth.


Oklahoma City Mercury-Free Dentist

In the 1840s dentists made a discovery that changed the way tooth decay was treated. They discovered they could drill out the decay and weakened tooth structure and fill it with a paste of silver and mercury. This paste would harden and the tooth would function well. They named them silver amalgam fillings. However, they are made up of about 50% mercury. For over 100 years these fillings have been the standard practice. But all that is changing.

In the 1980s there were two more technological breakthroughs that changed dentistry again. First, the technology for white composite filling materials advanced to the point where they were strong enough to work on even the back teeth. Then there were developments in bonding technology that enabled these fillings to be bonded directly to the teeth. These composite fillings are mercury-free.

A Mercury-Free Dentist

Though many dentists stay with the older method of filling cavities, Dr. Swearingen prefers the newer technology both because many people have concerns about having mercury in their body, and because there are so many other advantages to using the composite fillings.

A picture of teeth with silver amalgam fillings. These are made mostly of mercury. Dr. Swearingen is a mercury free dentist. These are mercury free fillings.
Silver Amalgam Fillings Mercury-Free Composite Fillings

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