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These amalgam fillings do not have the same benefits as Oklahoma City white fillings.
Amalgam Fillings
Oklahoma City dentist Dr. Swearingen uses these white fillings.
White Fillings

Oklahoma City White Fillings

For years the most common type of filling placed has been silver amalgam. Though they are called silver fillings, they are actually about half mercury. In recent years, some research has questioned whether or not the mercury that is present in these fillings is hazardous. While no definite danger has been proven, some people are still uncomfortable with the idea of putting these fillings into their teeth, especially when there are other alternatives. Dr. Swearingen doesn't use amalgam fillings. Instead, he prefers the more advanced technology of white composite fillings. While amalgam fillings are made up of metals, composite fillings are made of a combination of glass or quartz and resin materials which are blended, giving them a very natural-looking appearance.

There are many advantages to white fillings. One of their strongest is that the resin material allows the filling to be bonded directly to the tooth. You will no longer have to worry about gaps or cracks in your fillings. Instead, they actually strengthen the tooth structure.

Advantages of White Fillings

  • Because of the bonding technology involved, no healthy tooth structure needs to be removed in order to place the filling.
  • The bonding also helps to restore the tooth's natural strength. Amalgam fillings weaken the tooth.
  • They look like your natural teeth. People will not be able to tell what part of the tooth is a filling.
  • Because they are not made of metals, composite fillings do not conduct hot and cold like amalgam fillings do; therefore, there is less sensitivity to food and drink.

Disadvantages of White Fillings

  • They require more skill to place, so not all dentists are qualified to place them.
  • They are slightly more expensive than amalgam fillings.

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