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Oklahoma City Zoom Whitening


Zoom Whitening smile

Over the years the youthful color and brightness of our teeth are overtaken by years of food and drink, or even just the passage of time. Nothing makes you look instantly younger like bright, white teeth. Many patients who are interested in getting their teeth whitened, come in asking for Zoom Whitening. They've heard that nothing can get your teeth whiter than Zoom. While it does get your teeth a brilliant white color, that color will fade over the few weeks after treatment. Dr. Swearingen actually prefers professional take-home teeth whitening.

Advantages of Take-Home Whitening Over Zoom Whitening

The take home trays used in Oklahoma City teeth whitening. The most obvious advantage is cost. Zoom Whitening costs more than take-home whitening. Though, some people would rather pay a little more if they thought it would whiten their teeth more effectively, it's not necessary. Take-home whitening gets your teeth just as white in-office whitening—without the drawbacks.

There is usually post-procedural pain with Zoom. Some patients describe it as a "zings" throughout their teeth that are uncomfortable but bearable. Other patients have said it is almost as bad as childbirth. In fact, pain with Zoom is so common that some dentists automatically prescribe pain killers with the procedure.

You will end up using take-home trays anyway. While Zoom Whitening gives dramatic results, the color will settle in a few weeks. To keep the color steady, you'll have to follow up with at-home whitening. If you'll have to do that anyway, you might as well start off with the trays.

You have more control with at-home whitening. With Zoom, it's going to be as white as your teeth will get. Some people have termed it "nuclear teeth". If that is what you want, teeth as white as they can get, you will be able to do that with take-home whitening. But, if you're wanting something a smidge lighter, you're able to do that as well. You can control the level of whitening you get. When you reach your goal—you're done.

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