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Teeth don’t match

October 23, 2015

I had a lumineer put on a front tooth.  It is the same color as the other tooth, but it looks bulkier.  To me it looks weird, but my dentist says he can’t see a difference. Is that all in my head?

Nancy G. – Logan, UT.


It’s likely that it is bulkier, especially if your dentist didn’t do any tooth preparation. Lumineers are marketed as being prep-free. However, most experienced cosmetic dentists know that it really depends on the particular patients smile more than anything else.  If your dentist didn’t do any prep than, yes, your tooth is likely bulkier than the other one.

A good cosmetic dentist will never try to force their patient to like their veneers.  First, it should be put on with a temporary paste so the  patient has an opportunity to look at it and decide if they like it. If they’re not thrilled, it should be back to the drawing board.

Unfortunately, if your dentist has already permanently bonded on, then there is nothing that can be done except to have the lumineer completely re-done.

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