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What to Do If Your Dental Crowns Break or Fall Off

June 3, 2018

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A dental crown.When it comes to protecting your natural teeth, dental crowns get the job done. They’re durable and blend in well with your existing smile. While they can last for many years before needing replacement, sometimes a sudden accident like a bad fall or chewing mishap can make it come off prematurely.

In the event that your crown cracks, breaks, or falls out suddenly, here’s what you should do next according to your dentist.

Contact Your Dentist in Oklahoma City

Regardless of the damage that occurred, you should contact your dentist and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Dental crowns protect damaged teeth from oral bacteria, so leaving your teeth exposed only increases the chances of an infection occurring. That means the sooner you get your tooth covered again, the better chance you have of avoiding complications later.

If you aren’t in pain and you don’t mind dealing with a loose crown for a few days, you can put off visiting the dentist until normal business hours. However, depending on the amount of damage your tooth sustained initially, you may need to get to the dentist sooner.

Be sure to keep any remaining pieces of the crown. While they’ll likely need to replace the restoration, it’s worth keeping for your dentist to further examine. The moment your dental crown cracks or comes off, take note of the following steps.

Examine the Area

Find a mirror in a well-lit room and start examining the area. Feel around the crown with your tongue to check if the area feels sensitive. If it does, it’s likely that your natural tooth is exposed. If you don’t feel any pain but the crown feels loose, you may be better off removing the crown to avoid accidentally swallowing it. You’ll also get a chance to reseat the crown with either dental cement, denture adhesive, or petroleum jelly. These materials can all be purchased at any pharmacy or general grocery store.

Evaluate the Damage

Pay close attention to how the area feels when performing basic functions, such as breathing, chewing, or speaking. If the area feels sensitive when breathing in air, you may want to purchase clove oil to apply to your tooth before reseating. This will help reduce any pain or discomfort you might feel.

If there is low or moderate pain present, purchase over-the-counter medication such as Motrin or Advil. Make sure the medication doesn’t make direct contact with the damaged tooth, as a burning sensation may occur.

The sooner you get to your dentist, the better. Broken, cracked, or loose dental crowns in Oklahoma City are considered a dental emergency. Schedule an appointment with him today to protect yourself!

About the Author

Dr. Don Swearingen earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the Oklahoma University College of Dentistry. He offers multiple types of crowns to keep patients protected from infection and complications caused by loose crowns. To learn more about his practice, contact him through his website.

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