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Dentist Stained My Lumineers

March 13, 2018

dental patient smilingWhat do you do if your dentist does the opposite of what you asked for with your smile makeover? One of the things he and I discussed ahead of time is that I wanted a really white smile. Yet, when my Lumineers came back, it turns out he put a stain on them. I didn’t realize that until he’d already bonded them on because I didn’t get to see them. When I asked him why, he said it was so they would look natural. When I reminded him that I wanted a very white smile he told me that I had to trust as the dentist he knew what he was doing. I’m just not happy with this and I paid quite a bit of money to get the “smile of my dreams”. What do I do?

Catherine M.

Dear Catherine,

It seems to me as if you’re dealing with a family dentist who dabbles in cosmetic dentistry. In general dental school we’re taught that we know better than the patients. However, those who invest the time into truly studying cosmetic dentistry (which isn’t actually a specialty) we know that a smile makeover is about the smile the patient wants.

That aside, he’s supposed to let you see and approve the porcelain veneers before he permanently bonds them on.

Because he didn’t follow your instructions, I feel like you have a good case for a refund. When you do go to get your case re-done, I don’t recommend allowing the same dentist to re-do your case.

Are Lumineers the Best Brand for You?

Don’t be surprised if whatever dentist you choose decides to use a different brand instead of Lumineers. Truthfully, there are other brands that may work better for you. What you want to do is find a dentist who creates beautiful smiles. Here’s how I’d recommend finding that dentist.

First, ask to see some sample cases he’s done. If you like the results he gets, check his reviews to be certain the patients have had a good experience with him. Finally, be certain he has a beautiful smile guarantee. That way you won’t face something similar to what you’re going through now.

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