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Dentist Stained My Lumineers

March 13, 2018

dental patient smilingWhat do you do if your dentist does the opposite of what you asked for with your smile makeover? One of the things he and I discussed ahead of time is that I wanted a really white smile. Yet, when my Lumineers came back, it turns out he put a stain on them. I didn’t realize that until he’d already bonded them on because I didn’t get to see them. When I asked him why, he said it was so they would look natural. When I reminded him that I wanted a very white smile he told me that I had to trust as the dentist he knew what he was doing. I’m just not happy with this and I paid quite a bit of money to get the “smile of my dreams”. What do I do?

Catherine M.


Did Miley Cyrus Get Lumineers?

December 28, 2017

person smiling next to dental itemsMiley Cyrus seems to have a new smile that’s really pretty. Her old smile wasn’t bad, but this is much better. I was wondering if you could tell me if it’s Lumineers because I’ve been thinking of getting these.

Misty C.


Will a Pediatric Dentist Whiten a Child’s Teeth?

November 15, 2017

patient teeth whiteningMy husband’s teeth have always been an ugly yellow, bordering on brown. I thought it was because he didn’t take care of his teeth, but now that my son’s adult teeth are coming in they have the same look. I monitor his brushing. He does it regularly and correctly. I don’t want my son growing up with my husband’s smile. Can a pediatric dentist whiten his teeth?



Help! My Lumineers Don’t Match Each Other

August 29, 2017

Can you help me? I specifically decided on the Lumineers brand of veneers for my smile makeover because I didn’t want my teeth ground down. I’m worried I have a defective batch. When the dentist placed them on my teeth, I noticed two of the teeth didn’t match the others. They seemed a bit darker than the others. I mentioned it to the dentist right then, but he assured me it was just the lighting in his office. However, even when I got home they looked darker. I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but it seems like they’re still getting darker. What do I do?

Paula M.

Dear Paula,

Oklahoma City Lumineers

I don’t think the batch is defective. Instead, it sounds to me like the dentist didn’t get the bonding correct on the two that look discolored. Bear in mind that I haven’t actually examined you. I’m basing this on your description.

If the bonding wasn’t done properly a couple of things can happen. First, things can get trapped behind the veneer between that and your tooth. Lumineers are very thin. If there’s discoloration underneath it will show through. Secondly, whatever’s trapped behind the veneer will be a haven for bacteria and will lead to decay. Plus, without a secure bond, you risk the veneers coming off. Though in this case, falling off is a good thing, so they can be properly bonded.

It doesn’t sound like you have a highly skilled cosmetic dentist. Not only was the bonding not done properly on two of them, but he didn’t take your concern seriously enough in my opinion. A skilled, artistic cosmetic dentist will ALWAYS make sure the client is thrilled before permanently bonding on their work. Additionally, they allow the patient to look at the veneers in several different types of lighting to ensure they’re pleased with the results. Many also have a beautiful smile guarantee.

In this case, because they’re new and the dentist made an error (If my thoughts are correct) then he should be willing to replace them free of charge. They’ll have to be removed and new ones made if they break in the process of trying to remove them.

If he balks, you can get a second opinion from another cosmetic dentist. Don’t tell the second opinion doc who your dentist is, in case they’re buddies. If the second dentist agrees with my assumption then it will be easier to put pressure on your dentist to make things right.

There’s something I wanted to clear up. You mentioned you specifically chose the Lumineers brand over other porcelain veneers because you didn’t want your teeth ground down. Porcelain veneers, no matter what brand you use, do not require your teeth to be ground. You’re thinking of porcelain crowns. Because they surround your entire tooth, your teeth have to be ground down to almost nubs in order to make room for the crown.

Porcelain veneers only require very minimal shaving, about the depth of your fingernail. There is no visible difference between a shaved and unshaved tooth.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Don Swearingen.

Are there thin veneers besides Lumineers?

December 31, 2015

I want to get porcelain veneers. I don’t want Lumineers because I’ve heard so many bad things about them.  My dentist said if I don’t get them, my teeth will have to be ground down. I don’t want that either. Are there other thin veneers?

Miranda R. – Benton, AR


Your dentist is misleading you.  Your teeth don’t have to be “ground down” for porcelain veneers. That is what needs to happen for dental crowns. With porcelain veneers, there is only mild shaving; about the thickness of a fingernail. In fact, there is no real visible difference between the shaved on unshaved teeth.

I suspect your dentist is saying that because he doesn’t have the skill to do other brands. Lumineers are marketed to dentists as being super easier to place because they “require” no shaving. Unfortunately, that’s just not true in every case. Often they end up looking bulky.

There are other brands of ultra-thin veneers, but your best bet is to find a great cosmetic dentist. He’ll be able to give you the most suitable porcelain veneers to give you a gorgeous smile.

This blog is brought to you by Oklahoma City Dentist Dr. Don Swearingen.

Fixing a chip without lumineers

December 16, 2013

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I’ve fallen and got a small chip on my front tooth. My dentist is suggesting I use Lumineers to fix it.  That is very expensive for such a small chip. Are my choices cleaning out my savings account or living with the chip?

Sandy B. – Missouri


This is a massive overtreatment for a small chip.  I am not sure why your dentist is recommending such an expensive treatment, when it can easily be fixed with some dental bonding, which costs significantly less.

Generally, Lumineers are for a smile makeover. They can change the shape, size, and color of your teeth. If you were needing that kind of change to your teeth then I would say his recommendation is reasonable.

Because you just have a small chip, I think you are being taken advantage of.  I suggest you go to a different dentist for this treatment.

This blog is brought to you by Oklahoma City Dentist Dr. Don Swearingen.

Stained Lumineers

September 16, 2013

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I got Lumineers to improve my smile, including the color.  My dentist put a stain on them in order to make them look “natural”.  If wanted my teeth to look the way they did before I wouldn’t have gotten Lumineers. Is there anything that can be done?

Brooke- Benton, AR


A lot of it will depend on if they were permanently bonded on or not.  If he just did a temporary try in paste, then he can send them back to get the color you want.  However, if they were bonded on already, you would need a new set of Lumineers.

Unfortunately you dentist will probably not do that for free. Did you tell your dentist ahead of time what level of whitening you wanted? If so, he has some responsibility to meet what you guys agreed on.

When dentists are in dental school, they are taught that teeth need a staining put on them in order to look more natural. However, most cosmetic dentists have learned that what you really need is to listen to the desires of their patients.

If your dentist is not willing to work with you then you’ll probably have to find another dentist to fix your work.  Get a consultation with them ahead of time to make sure it is someone who will really listen to you.

This blog is brought to you by Oklahoma City Dentist Dr. Don Swearingen.

Discolored Fillings

August 31, 2013

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I have fillings on my front teeth, but they are discolored compared to my natural teeth. I’m not sure what to do. Do you think Lumineers can fix this problem?

Megan- Nevada


This is a simpler problem than you think. I suggest you get the fillings fixed. It sounds to me like your dentist didn’t know how to match the filling material to your front teeth. There is every color imaginable available  for white fillings.

It is true that Lumineers can cover this problem, but they are a lot more expensive than just having your filling replaced by someone who knows what they are doing.

This blog is brought to you by Oklahoma City Dentist Dr. Don Swearingen.

Is a night guard really necessary?

August 22, 2013

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I recently got 6 Lumineers put on. Now my dentist is insisting that I get a night guard. Is this really necessary?

Amanda B.- Benton, AR


Has your dentist mentioned that you have a grinding problem? If so, it really will be important that you do get a night guard. Most patients don’t even realize that they have a grinding problem because they do it in their sleep. However, your teeth will show the wear from the grinding.

If that is the case you’ll want to wear them, not only to protect the Lumineers, but to protect your teeth in general. Some grinders actually wear their teeth down to stubs.  However, from a financial standpoint, when you spend thousands of dollars on your smile makeover, you don’t want it getting damaged. Grinding can chip your Lumineers.

It is your choice to wear purchase or wear a night guard. Your dentist cannot insist. However, be aware that if you do have a grinding issue, you’ll end up damaging them.

This blog is brought to you by Oklahoma City dentist Dr. Don Swearingen.

Being overtreated

July 16, 2013

I had some dental bonding done on two of my front teeth in order to whiten my teeth. It’s been a few years and I’ve moved. The bonding has worn out and started chipping.  My new dentist said I really need to get porcelain crowns to fix the teeth. I know I am not a dentist, but that seems like a real overtreatment.

Alexis M.- New Mexico


Your gut instinct is right. Though, I am a little confused as to why your previous dentist did bonding to whiten your teeth. Why not just do professional teeth whitening?  Is there something specifically wrong with your case? Have you had root canals on those teeth? Are they tetracycline stained?

Whatever you do, don’t do porcelain crowns. In order to fit crowns over your teeth, they will have to be ground down almost to stubs. Why do that to healthy teeth?

IF there is some reason why you can’t just do teeth whitening, it is very possible you can have porcelain veneers placed on the teeth. I recommend you have an expert cosmetic dentist look at your teeth and give their recommendations.

This blog is brought to you by Oklahoma City Dentist Dr. Don Swearingen.

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