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Did Miley Cyrus Get Lumineers?

December 28, 2017

person smiling next to dental itemsMiley Cyrus seems to have a new smile that’s really pretty. Her old smile wasn’t bad, but this is much better. I was wondering if you could tell me if it’s Lumineers because I’ve been thinking of getting these.

Misty C.


Groupon for Lumineers

June 24, 2017

My wife grew up in a very abusive and neglectful family. While her mother was busy shooting herself up, my sweet wife took care of her siblings. From the time she was ten years old, she’s been an adult. Combine that with the fact that her family was very poor, you can imagine she has a hard time spending money. Her teeth have always embarrassed her. I love her smile, but I know it bothers her. I want to do something really special for her which she’d never do for herself. I’d like to get her a smile makeover. I think if I tell her it’s a Groupon, she’d do it. She thinks Groupon makes it okay to get something, because you’re saving so much money. Is it possible to do that? How does it work? I keep hearing about Lumineers on the television. I looked it up and they have a Groupon. I don’t know anything about cosmetic dentistry, so I’m not sure if Lumineers is what would make her feel as beautiful as she is.

Richard P.

Dear Richard,

What a fantastic way to honor your wife. Just from the short bit you’ve written, I can tell she’s an amazing woman. The type of woman who deserves to feel like a princess. However, I’m glad you wrote first. We’ll start with Groupon.

I’m certain the Groupon would require you to use a certain dentist. You’d want to research that dentist before you purchase anything. Is he (or she) a skilled cosmetic dentist? What type of results do they get? Maybe they’re new to smile makeovers. They could be using Groupon as a way of drawing in cosmetic patients to give them practice. There have been many smile makeover disasters where people spent thousands of dollars and wound up with a smile which looked worse than the one they came in with. You don’t want that happening to your long-suffering wife.

Next, let’s discuss Lumineers themselves. I’ll be honest with you. Lumineers are often marketed to inexperienced cosmetic dentists as being easy to place. So, many unskilled cosmetic dentists use them. In fact, some of the best cosmetic dentists do not like the Lumineers brand. This particular company requires dentists to use their lab. The skill of the lab is equally important to the skill of the dentist. I’ve known quite a few highly skilled dentists who feel this lab is sub-par, at best. She’d be better off with a different brand. Choosing a great dentist is the key. They’ll know which brands will fit your wife’s smile design best.

In your place, I’d research great cosmetic dentists in your area. Check out their smile galleries to see if you like the results they get. Do they offer a beautiful smile guarantee? If not, use someone else.

Then, bear in mind not everyone is a candidate for porcelain veneers. Your wife will need a consultation with the chosen dentist to 1. determine her candidacy and 2. discuss and design her dream smile.

She may not even need veneers to get a gorgeous smile. Maybe her teeth just need some straightening and whitening. In that case, I’d combine the Invisalign and teeth whitening procedures. These are fantastic treatments which don’t cost as much as veneers.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Don Swearingen

Lumineers with Groupon

February 23, 2017

My wife has always wanted to get a smile makeover, but we’ve never been able to afford it. I noticed there’s a Groupon for Lumineers. It’s still expensive but just in my ability to cover. She’s spent her entire life putting her desires on hold for everyone else. I thought this might be a way to thank her and let her know we recognize her sacrifices.  Is it safe for me to get her a Groupon makeover?

Alex M. – Tennessee


It’s lovely that you’re wanting to acknowledge her years of loving service. We often overlook the sacrifices our family makes because we’re with them all the time. I’d take some precautions before investing.

First, before someone gets a smile makeover they generally have to be examined to ensure they’re a good candidate for Lumineers (or any other brand as well). If you purchase the Groupon and it turns out she’s not a good candidate, then there’s no way to get a refund.

Next, I’d like you to know a little more about the dentist who’s doing the procedure. Not all cosmetic dentists are alike. Two dentists can do the exact same type of smile makeover with the same materials and the cases will look totally different.

There are lots of cosmetic dentistry horror stories. I’d hate for your wife to be one of them, especially with this being a dream of hers for so long. It might be safer for you two to work together on this. She’d appreciate the recognition and getting to team up.

Call the office that’s giving out the Groupon. See if they do complimentary consultations to see if she’s a good candidate. Then, do some research on their cosmetic skill.  Look at their smile gallery to see what before and after pictures look like of actual cases he’s done. Don’t let them show you stock photos.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Don Swearingen.