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Does A Toddler Need to See A Dentist for Teeth Grinding?

July 11, 2016

My three year old has started grinding his teeth. Do I need to take him to see a dentist?

Brooke L. – New Jersey


It is not uncommon for children your son’s age to grind their teeth, though we aren’t really sure of the reasons behind it yet. Most children outgrow it and it shouldn’t be a problem.  You should watch for signs that he’s having jawpain.  Children that age don’t always articulate they’re in pain, but you may see him rubbing his jaw.

Even if he wasn’t grinding his teeth, at three years old, it is time for him to visit with a dentist that treats children. He needs to have a check up.  It’s especially important that children see a dentist for the first time before there are any real dental issues.  You want their first experience to be a positive one.

Usually the first appointment is no big deal. They get a fun cleaning and the dentist ahs a look around to make sure everything is developing properly. Dentists who regularly work with kiddos make it lots of fun.

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Is a night guard really necessary?

August 22, 2013

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I recently got 6 Lumineers put on. Now my dentist is insisting that I get a night guard. Is this really necessary?

Amanda B.- Benton, AR


Has your dentist mentioned that you have a grinding problem? If so, it really will be important that you do get a night guard. Most patients don’t even realize that they have a grinding problem because they do it in their sleep. However, your teeth will show the wear from the grinding.

If that is the case you’ll want to wear them, not only to protect the Lumineers, but to protect your teeth in general. Some grinders actually wear their teeth down to stubs.  However, from a financial standpoint, when you spend thousands of dollars on your smile makeover, you don’t want it getting damaged. Grinding can chip your Lumineers.

It is your choice to wear purchase or wear a night guard. Your dentist cannot insist. However, be aware that if you do have a grinding issue, you’ll end up damaging them.

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